C A R c u l a t e=>


an independent, international platform for the automotive glass industry!


CARculate is a web based platform where players in the automotive glass business meet and exchange information: auto glass specialists, insurance companies, auto glass distributors, trade associations and independent experts; all these groups have their own information and working area's. The platform has a knowledge base and an application with a specific set of user functions for each user group. The platform supports insurance policy verification, benchmark calculations, file processing and claims fulfillment.




One knowledge base that offers up to date technical information, pricing as well as insurance policy data for all platform participants (access can be restricted). The participants are set up according to their user functions.


Besides solving for calculations like quotes, invoices and interfacing, it also helps you keep track of outstanding balances!

The application and future enhancements are discussed in a user committee format. We evolve the application alongside changing business requirements. CARculate offers what no independent organization can achieve on its own; scale. By Connecting and Sharing single force is created to deal with insurance companies , vendors and others allowing centralized communication within portal and improved business operations.


CARculate was created to fulfill the need for independent glass businesses to communicate with insurers in a faster and more coordinated way while reducing administrative burden. Only when combining efforts would they create critical mass to be a true partner for insurers.




The Standard CARculate Platform brings you:

  • reduction of operational costs

  • increased productivity

  • increased quality


The web based CARculate architecture gives you:

  • no additional hardware & software investments

  • no software legacy and update charges.


For the insurance company:

  • all incoming claims are formatted according company standards
  • claim reviews are carried out automatically based on high quality default job calculations and according company rules
  • automated feedback to repairers
  • built in  customer satisfaction survey tool
  • benchmark creation from incoming claims
  • repairer qualification based on the benchmark and individual settings
  • option for company specific pricing
  • fast implementation and easy to use user interface


"...a reduction in claims handling resource of 30%..."
"...automated claims handling according our own policy conditions"
"...the customer survey tools  give us instant feedback"


For the repairer:

  • verify coverage (instant feedback!) within the application
  • default and insurer specific calculations
  • electronic invoicing
  • balance tracking
  • manuals and fitting instructions linked to the vehicle and/or parts
  • fast implementation and easy to use user interface


"...I never have to look for specifications and prices in 3 catalogues anymore"
"...the benchmark calculation saves me at least an hour each day"
"...it is so easy to use, really a piece of cake to get a calculation"
"...this should have been available years ago"
"...CARculate is a MUST HAVE for every glass fitter"



You need access to the internet and no additional hardware and software investments are required. Most importantly using EURO-motive will allow you to focus on the elements in your business that you want to give attention to: working with customers and fixing cars!


Interested in what CARculate can do for you?
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