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Who is EURO-motive International?

We are an independent software development company specializing Software as a Service for the automotive industry. We have been active in the automotive repair industry since 2005, and are proud of our independent and objective status. EURO-motive International has no ties to either car replacement part manufacturers or insurance companies and provides untainted vision, advice and products.


Why EURO-motive International?

We are living by our mission: "Connect and Share". Our mission fits well with the many (independent) car repair shops who need to interface with various partners. The partners, like insurance companies often have strict requirements how e.g. invoices are to be presented and are a major administrative burden for repair shops. EURO-Motive International takes away a large portion of the administrative while at the same time the "Connect and Share" mission provides critical mass to pursue agreements with larger bodies that would be hard to attain as an independent provider of excellent automotive repair services.


How do we work?

As our mission indicates, "Connect and Share"; where a central web application is accessed by various participants with different roles in the process. The applications allow for different roles, and authorize and identify participants based on access protocols. Some of these roles include: car repair shops, lease companies, insurance agencies, insurance companies and administrators. Within the application you will be able to check insurance coverage for your customers, without making 1 phone call.


How to create success together?

EURO-motive International has a proven track record in key elements to make a centralized application a success: Interfacing and Integration.

In today's auto repair industry some businesses are heavily automated and some businesses rely on manual and paper procedures. A good example would be billing and invoicing. EURO-motive international  has the experience to seamlessly integrate existing business processes into the centralized backbone without having to change internal processes. In the majority of the cases infrastructure or software changes are not required on the participants side. EURO-motive's approach allows for unprecedented flexibility unheard of in the software industry, and guarantees a smooth implementation process.


Database Leadership.

Databases are maintained centrally allowing for authorized access by various applications and individuals. Due to central maintenance, the information is always up to date and runs statistics across the industry, which allows for continues improvement for all participants.


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